The Hundredth Queen – Review

   My Rating ★★★★★ This book deserves 5 shining stars! I can’t remember last time I read a book this good! I kept guessing, but I was always wrong, and I gasped, nearly cried, and jumped in excitement. Well written, fast-paced, and not a dull moment/page. I’m starting to read the second in the series: […]

ALEX HUNT and the Chase for Rhapta – Review

 Based on the true legend of the ancient Lost City of Rhapta which mysteriously disappeared near Mafia island off the coast of Africa.  My Rating ★★★★ Read this in just one day. It was fast paced, suspenseful, interesting, and funny at times. I liked the story line – and it is a genre out of […]

His Other Lover – Review

 My Rating ★★★★★ You know when you’ve read a book and it sticks with you? You feel like you were involved yourself, or like you can relate to the emotions so much it hits home? Well, I felt like that reading this page-turner. I have had a scroll through the negative reviews, and all seem […]

The Beach House – Review

 My Rating ★★★★★ I don’t normally read romance at all, and the reason this is getting a 5 star rating is because it managed to hold my interest from start to finish. I enjoyed the story, characters, and setting. Would definitely recommend this to readers of romance! ABOUT: Author: Sterling Keyes Genre: Romance Length: 82 pages […]

The Haunting of Barry’s Lodge – Review

  My Rating ★★★★ This is not a bad premise for a story. I enjoyed the style, and it truly fits the horror genre. I read this in record time, and enjoyed it. The only problem I found, which is why it’s not getting 5 stars, is that the book really needs an editor. If it […]

Chien: A Shift Space Short – Review

    My Rating ★★★★ I really enjoyed this short-read. It was well written, interesting, and kept me intrigued from start to finish. I really recommend this for anyone who is looking for a short read on your lunch break at work, on the train, or whenever you feel like reading a good, short story. I […]

Duke Baron and the Danger of the Demon Dagger – Review

 My Rating ★★★★ I really enjoyed this short-read. It was a simple, sweet, and funny story about an interesting mystery, which kept me turning the pages. I normally don’t like stories with detectives as the main character, but I really liked Duke. All the characters, in fact, were colorful and fun to read about! Well […]

If You Only Knew – Review

   A wife, a mother, a killer. My Rating ★★★ I read this book very quickly, which means it was entertaining and suspenseful. I love the writing, and I enjoyed my time reading it. There were a few things which I thought sounded a bit implausible, and made me stop to think if the reactions […]

DECOY: Kindle Single – Review

 A suspenseful, edge-of-seat thriller short story by Scott Mariani My Rating ★★★ Enjoyed reading this novella. I liked the main character, Kate, and being a mother, totally felt for her throughout the story. The first half of the story is better than the last, which feels a little implausible at times. Not sure how I […]

Common dialogue mistakes

I have decided to show you a couple of common dialogue mistakes, which are both an easy fix. Grammar and punctuation can be difficult to understand, and know how to use at times, but once you know, it will stick with you! These are the two I come across quite frequently. Number one Punctuation in […]