Age: 23 Home: Melbourne, VIC Nationality: Swedish

Writing Services

As a Freelance writer I offer a range of different services. I have three years of experience working as an Editor and Journalist for a Magazine, and I have been doing fiction writing for as long as I can remember. I also do writing and editing of web content for … Read more…

Creative Edit

Professional video editing service – transform your photos and videos and treasure your special memories forever!   Click on picture to enlarge  

Give me a sign

Melina 3

- By Melina Sim “…the heroine’s struggle is comprehensive, intriguing and wrapped up in an authentic narrator’s voice. Great story!” – Atlantis Short Story Contest I don’t believe in ‘getting over’ things. Things like the death of a loved one. I will never ‘get over it’. That I know. Others … Read more…

I dare you


- By Melina Sim  It was a rainy and cold afternoon in Emerstown. The streets were empty and most houses dark. The heavy rain was the only motion. People driving through the town on their way to the big City would probably have increased the speed. People know there is … Read more…

The Animal Shelter


- By Melina Sim A woman’s heart is full of secrets. Full of scars of the past. Unlike most men, a woman rarely leaves painful memories behind – they are being kept, buried. Friendships and love relations come and go. A woman, after some time, gets used to being left … Read more…