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Give me a sign

Melina 3

- By Melina Sim “…the heroine’s struggle is comprehensive, intriguing and wrapped up in an authentic narrator’s voice. Great story!” – Atlantis Short Story Contest I don’t believe in ‘getting over’ things. Things like the death of a loved one. I will never ‘get over it’. That I know. Others … Read more…

I dare you


- By Melina Sim  It was a rainy and cold afternoon in Emerstown. The streets were empty and most houses dark. The heavy rain was the only motion. People driving through the town on their way to the big City would probably have increased the speed. People know there is … Read more…

The Animal Shelter


- By Melina Sim A woman’s heart is full of secrets. Full of scars of the past. Unlike most men, a woman rarely leaves painful memories behind – they are being kept, buried. Friendships and love relations come and go. A woman, after some time, gets used to being left … Read more…

Healthy Banana-Choc milkshake – for babies

Quick and easy! No need to buy the already made custards (with sugar in it) at the supermarkets. Make something delicious and healthy for your baby! You will need: Half a banana Oat milk Cocoa All you do is mix these ingredients together in a blender and then pour it … Read more…

Attention Diaper using Parents (!!)


This was posted on facebook by Victoria Spanarelli Edwards ”**ATTENTION*** DIAPER USING PARENTS!!!***Do NOT use HUGGIES SNUG AND DRY DIAPERS!!! This past Friday night my 21 month old son Parker was treated in the emergency room for 2nd degree Chemical burns on his leg. This was caused by the diaper … Read more…

Swinburne – waste of money


Hello! Now, some people have questioned why I don’t want to continue my course at Swinburne University, and I have said that it’s because it’s a waste of money, I am going to explain why. As an overseas student I pay $9000 per semester, and even if I were a … Read more…

Economic & Safe – Nappy change

Olive Oil

Hello! Here comes a quick tip on what you can do if you think that using baby wipes everytime you change your baby’s nappy becomes very expensive (and/or if you are doubting weather or not the wipes are actually preventing nappy rash, some perfume containing ones can cause it!!) Grab … Read more…

Avoiding allergies- breastfeeding


So, I’ve been trying to find out if there’s any way of avoiding my baby getting food allergies such as peanuts, wheat, lactose and diary. Some say you should avoid eating these products while breastfeeding, and some say there’s no data or studies suggesting this as a successful strategy. Personally, … Read more…

Parabens – what is it?


Today’s topic – Parabens! Some of you may have heard about it, but obviously many have not. How do I know that? Because many skin-products still contain parabens – and people still buy them. Parabens can mimic estrogen, the primary female sex hormone. They have been  detected in human breast … Read more…