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The Sixth Window – Review

 My Rating ★★★★★ I really liked “The Sixth Window”. The characters were well developed, the story great, and the suspense real. I’d recommend this to lovers of Thriller/Suspense. I’d happily look up more books by Rachel Abbott. The way she writes keep you guessing the whole way through, the characters are original and feel real. […]

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Black Wood – Review

 My Rating ★★★ I liked Black Wood. It is a nice thriller, and it kept me guessing, which is awesome! I would have loved it to only being told from Jo’s POV, though, as she was my favorite character to read (and ‘the boy’). I found it difficult to read from the other POV’s, probably […]

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Follow You Home – Review

  My Rating ★★★ I loved the beginning of this book, all the way up to 50%. it was fast paced – exciting, and even a little scary. It trailed off a bit towards the end. It had the same typical resolution as many other thrillers, and I didn’t feel surpirsed anymore. I still liked it […]

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His Other Lover – Review

 My Rating ★★★★★ You know when you’ve read a book and it sticks with you? You feel like you were involved yourself, or like you can relate to the emotions so much it hits home? Well, I felt like that reading this page-turner. I have had a scroll through the negative reviews, and all seem […]

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If You Only Knew – Review

   A wife, a mother, a killer. My Rating ★★★ I read this book very quickly, which means it was entertaining and suspenseful. I love the writing, and I enjoyed my time reading it. There were a few things which I thought sounded a bit implausible, and made me stop to think if the reactions […]

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DECOY: Kindle Single – Review

 A suspenseful, edge-of-seat thriller short story by Scott Mariani My Rating ★★★ Enjoyed reading this novella. I liked the main character, Kate, and being a mother, totally felt for her throughout the story. The first half of the story is better than the last, which feels a little implausible at times. Not sure how I […]

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