Publishing Models

It’s 2017, and the publishing industry has changed. Dramatically so. Being a writer in 2017 is not very different to being a writer in 1990. But, we have a range of different options when it comes to taking that next step and publish our precious books. I am going to list the different options, and […]

Rewriting – 3 tips

I present to you 3 tips on how to bring your story to life Your first draft can be bad, granted, but when it is time to go back and bring your characters and your plot to life, there are a few things to keep in mind. Info Dumps Don’t, just don’t include any info […]

Dialogue tags – a quick guide

A lot of writers now a days are concerned about the fact that they use ‘said’ a lot in their story, and for a good reason, it is normally used a lot! I am here to tell you it is not only okay to use ‘said’ – it is recommended – but there are ways […]

Rules of Magic

Magic is fun to write. Who hasn’t at some stage in their lives wished they had magical powers? Wishes coming true! Now you have your own fantasy world and want to implement magic into it, great! There are a few things you need to ask yourself before you begin, this post is basically just a […]


Your villain is the ultimate drive of your story. Without him/her, there wouldn’t be much left for your hero/heroine to accomplish, would it? A villain can be portrayed in many different ways, and I have some advice up my sleeve. Realistic Again, the subject of realism comes into play. A reader wants to escape into […]


Religion can be fun, especially if you create them yourself. Who haven’t dreamed of a perfect religion, one where you are the God? You create, you make your characters believe in it, and you let your imagination flow. But, how can you avoid plot holes in your religion? Keep reading. The Gods First things first, […]

Creature creation

One of the most exciting parts of writing fantasy is the creatures! Of course, you can write fantasy without them, but this post is dedicated to all creature lovers out there. Inspiration Some great inspiration can be found in video games like Warhammer, Dragon Age and Divinity Original sin (to name a few). But I […]

World building

Want to be the God of your very own world? World building is to many the most fun part of writing a fantasy novel. To others, it is a dreaded task. Here’s a guide on how to build a realistic world for your story. Start off First things first, you decide how many countries, kingdoms […]

Battle of Ordea – a stroll through the town

Teaser extract from Battle Of Ordea The tall, multi-storied buildings shaping the city stood proudly as he rode through the wide streets of cobblestone. Some were of wood while others were built strong with grey stone. The higher levels had narrow balconies and washing lines which stretched above the street, tied to the railing of […]

Battle of Ordea – the Dragonhold castle

Teaser extract from Battle Of Ordea  Sarra began running to the castle as she knew the watcher would go there to speak with her father. Although the town was big enough to provide shelter and everyday life for its five thousand residents, it didn’t take long to run from one end to the other. She […]