Battle of Ordea – a stroll through the town

Teaser extract from Battle Of Ordea The tall, multi-storied buildings shaping the city stood proudly as he rode through the wide streets of cobblestone. Some were of wood while others were built strong with grey stone. The higher levels had narrow balconies and washing lines which stretched above the street, tied to the railing of […]

Battle of Ordea – the Dragonhold castle

Teaser extract from Battle Of Ordea  Sarra began running to the castle as she knew the watcher would go there to speak with her father. Although the town was big enough to provide shelter and everyday life for its five thousand residents, it didn’t take long to run from one end to the other. She […]

Battle of Ordea – a walk in the woodlands

Teaser extract from Battle Of Ordea Just before dawn, they had settled down for a meal. They were so far into the forest now, Hilaniue would not have been able to find the way back on her own. They had made a small fire, just to warm their hands and feet, and to cook the […]