Duke Baron and the Danger of the Demon Dagger – Review

My Rating ★★★★

I really enjoyed this short-read. It was a simple, sweet, and funny story about an interesting mystery, which kept me turning the pages. I normally don’t like stories with detectives as the main character, but I really liked Duke. All the characters, in fact, were colorful and fun to read about! Well worth the read!


Duke Baron is a private detective who grew up worshiping the hard-boiled detectives of film noir and old paperbacks. So far, he’s gotten the destitute and down on his luck part right, but still failed to find the adventure he craves. This all changes one day when a mysterious millionaire hires Duke to find a stolen artifact. Soon, Duke finds himself in a world of magic and demons, where a shady local businessman uses arcane powers to get ahead in the world and magical items are sold in back rooms of new age shops. The out of his element detective must navigate this strange and absurd new world if he wants to complete his case and find the stolen dagger.
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