ALEX HUNT and the Chase for Rhapta – Review

Based on the true legend of the ancient Lost City of Rhapta which mysteriously disappeared near Mafia island off the coast of Africa.

 My Rating ★★★★

Read this in just one day. It was fast paced, suspenseful, interesting, and funny at times. I liked the story line – and it is a genre out of my comfort-zone, but I found I really enjoyed it. I had a few questions about certain things, but not enough to necessarily affect the experience reading this book. Definitely recommend this to lovers of YA and mystery/adventure 🙂


I am Alex Hunt, daughter of the famous Archaeological Hunt Team. Head Researcher and… Relic Chaser!

When Alex Hunt’s mother tragically dies during her lifelong quest to find Africa’s ancient Lost City of Rhapta, Alex develops Agoraphobia (an unnatural fear of specific places and situations) and vows never to chase again.
So when her father, Professor Charles Hunt, Head of Archaeology at a prestigious British University mysteriously disappears several years later, it leaves her with no choice and forces her out of hiding to find him.

With nothing to lose, battling her worse fears and with the mighty University behind her, she travels to Tanzania, Africa in search of her missing father.

The chivalrous and charismatic Sam Quinn, the University’s illusive top Archaeology student accompanies her, and she finds herself in unfamiliar territory with a man who manages to chip away her self-built walls.

Her action-packed adventure through the treacherous African Jungle brings forth an abundance of danger, fear, and heartache as she rediscovers her love for life, science and ancient relics, beyond her cocooning existence and disease.

Will she find her father and the Lost City of Rhapta or will she die under the curse and native-fearing Rhaptor-bird said to guard the vanished city?

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