King’s Fall; The hope for Dragonhold

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After twenty seasons of relative peace, a battle of the throne breaks out between the north and the south of Ordea. King Wymark, the mage-king of the south, disrupts the silence and plans on an attack.

King Hawkin of the north sends a commander to form an alliance with the elves. A hunter becomes part of this journey and finds nothing is ever what it seems as she learns to deal with impossible obstacles coming their way.

An enchanter is given the responsibility of leading a troop of mages to take over the land of the elves – while he knows deep inside this is wrong, a sinister spell forces him to take on this task.

The princess of the north finds her life is in danger and is forced to choose between protecting her loved ones and following her father’s instructions to flee her home, alone.

The future of the land will be decided by a battle between a staff, and a sword.

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Trigger Warning

He told her to leave and never look back. That’s exactly what Brooke Clarke did. Her only possessions being the clothes on her back and an old Ford, she arrives in the city of Whitestead.

Hoping she can slowly build a new life for herself, she soon realises she’s not out of danger. Without knowing what is really happening, and who is after her, Brooke gets pulled into an underground world of money, guns, drugs and murder.

Desperate to reunite with the man who sent her away, her best friend and partner, Brooke finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into a life where you always have to watch your back, and never trust anyone.

Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

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