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How to become a morning person!

How to wake up early! I have done this for long enough now to feel confident that I have uncovered some great tips and tricks when it comes to waking up early! Firstly, why do you want to wake up early? Figure out what your motivation is. Mine was to feel more energized, to have […]

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How to schedule time for writing

Part of looking after yourself is to make sure you never do anything which adds no value to your life. I am a firm believer in planning my months, weeks, and days. Writing can often seem like one of those things you do when inspiration hits, but that is not a road to follow if […]

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4 things I am doing to change my life

I feel like sharing my journey so far, which involves becoming a more successful and happy human being. I have done this for a bit over a month so far, and it has already shown great results. I hope you can find at least one of these tips and implement them to your own life. […]

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Why I write!

Welcome to my first blog post! I am planning on having at least one published every week (How exciting!!). Today, we are talking about writing, and why I write. It is quite a personal post I wish to share with you! I have always been interested in story-telling, for as long as I can remember. […]

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